Certificates of Deposit

If you don’t require immediate access to your funds, CDs are an excellent savings solution to diversify your investment portfolio. With our CDs, you enjoy financial safety and convenience along with a higher rate of return than regular savings accounts. Benefits include:

  • Minimum balance to open as low as $500
  • Competitive tiered interest rates (view rates)
  • Terms spanning three months to five years
  • Free Online Banking

Christmas Savings

Holiday shopping is easier when you save money all year in our Christmas Savings account. You'll earn a great interest rate on your money and we will transfer your full account balance, on October 31st, into your checking or savings account... just in time for the holidays. 

  • High yield savings account
  • Only $5 needed to start saving today
  • Weekly or monthly automatic deposits set up at time of account opening
  • Account Balance automatically deposited into account of your choice on October 31st. Penalty for early withdrawal.

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